Incredible Custom Pool Features to Make the Neighbors Jealous

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Have you ever dreamed of creating the perfect pool in your backyard? Usually those visions start with a basic pool design, maybe a small deck or patio. Then you add the waterfall, and the fountains, and custom tiki bar.

Maybe once you’re finished daydreaming, you laugh and think there’s no way you’d be able to create all that. The pool is enough, right?

But you don’t have to dream. Poolbuilding in San Diego is no longer just about filling a hole with water—the best contractors are fully equipped to turn your backyard into a masterpiece, and you only have to ask.

From stonework to custom designs, these are just a few of our most ‘common’ custom pool features.

Water Features

Water isn’t just for swimming. We’ve turned hundreds of backyards into incredible works of art with custom-built water features like fountains and waterfalls, where the pool takes on a look so natural and inviting you won’t be able to picture your yard without it.

Our line of thinking with water features is that they should always add value—whether practical or aesthetic—to your pool, your yard and your home.

One of the most common water features we build is the raised spa. You’ve seen it before—elevated above the rest of the pool, a raised spa lets water overflow into the pool below. Many of our custom pools are also built with some type of fountain or waterfall using natural rocks and constructed to look totally natural and flush with your yard.

Rock Features

Using stone can help transform a good pool into a great one. Our most basic stonework could involve simple laying of pebbles around your deck. On the more complex end, we might use breathtaking boulders to turn your pool’s waterfall into a bubbling grotto.

The only limit for custom stonework in your pool is your imagination—and if you’re out of ideas, we’ve got plenty.

Infinity Edge

An infinity edge is sometimes called a negative edge or a vanishing edge. In any case, the design is awe-inspiring—by creating a pool where one side’s edge is built at water level, it allows water to overflow and drain into a basin, which is fed back into the pool.

The end result is a pool which appears to hover over the landscape below, and it’s just as impressive as it sounds.

Tanning Ledges and Beach Entries

Where 50 years ago every pool was the same rectangle with a few steps and a ladder to climb in and out, today we can do a little better.

A lot of our clients are opting for what’s called a beach entry, which offers a more natural way to enter your pool.

Beach entries are exactly what they sound like—they gradually slope down into the pool, much like venturing out into the ocean or a lake.

Many of our pools also feature a structure called a sun shelf (also ‘tanning ledge’ or baja step). The gist of a sun shelf is to provide a large, flat step that doubles as an entrance to your pool and a place to partially submerge yourself without getting totally soaked.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

These are just a handful of the custom pool features we’ve become really good at building over the years. Since your pool will become a focal point of your home, it’s crucial that we get the design perfect—both for your visual enjoyment and your everyday use.

We’re in the business of bringing your aquatic dreams to life, but we’re also full of design experience ourselves, just in case you’re stuck for inspiration. If you want to know more about our amazing pools, get in touch ASAP and let’s start building!

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