A 10-Step Guide to Designing Your Pool

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Designing a pool in your backyard can be a fun but tedious adventure. Since this home improvement can cost as much as a brand-new BMW, it’s essential to do it right. So before you dive in headfirst, go through these 10 steps.

1. Create a wish list

You may have been dreaming about having a pool of your own for years, so you probably have great ideas already. Make a list of things you want — a slide, waterfall, and connected hot tub are some ideas — and include plenty of pictures so you and your contractor are on the same page.

2. Find a contractor

Ask your neighbors and friends if they can recommend a reliable swimming pool construction professional. Interview several candidates and ask for references, as your pool will take months to complete and everyone needs to feel comfortable.

3. Decide pool type

First you need to decide if you want the flooring of the pool to be concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl. Next decide the shape of your pool. Rectangular designs are perfect for a classic, modern yet timeless look and they are great for swimming laps. Kidney and custom designs tend to blend well and have a more natural appearance. They also lend themselves to waterfalls and grottos. Lastly decide if you want a salt water based pool or a chlorine based pool as they differences can be a game changer.

4. Establish a budget

You probably already have an idea as to how much you are willing to spend on this project, so let your pool builder in on the plan. Once you discuss what you want and what you are willing to spend you can come up with a real plan.

5. Aesthetic enhancements

Anything from colored lights and fire rings, to water slides and hot tubs count as enhancements. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Adding features later is never as easy as the initial install. So if you really want that cascading waterfall and it’s in your budget, go for it.

6. Consider energy efficiency

It’s easier than ever to save on swimming pool energy costs. Enclosures, pool covers, pumps and lighting timers can all pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

7. Keep safety in mind

Consider what safety measures you want in place. Swimming pools can have alarms to alert you when someone enters the water, and they can have child-proof locks installed on the gates. Also you may not be thinking of this, but avoiding a diving board is not only safer but may increase your enjoyment of the pool.

8. Landscaping

Consider what you’d like to plant and where. Avoid planting messy trees or trees with far-reaching, shallow root systems. Instead go with bushy perennials that don’t grow as tall and can be moved if necessary.

9. Finishing touches

Things like decking and borders can make a swimming pool really stand out. Decide whether stone, concrete, ceramic or glass tile are best for your pool.

10. Accessorize

As the pool nears completion, it’s time to gather all toys, games, and patio furniture that make pool ownership fun. Don’t forget to make a place for all of the supplies and chemicals you’ll need to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

With these tips your pool will be complete in no time. Don’t forget to throw a party to celebrate. Get the burgers on the grill, and break in your pool with style.

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