7 Warning Signs that You’re Dealing with a Shady Pool Building Company

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Getting a swimming pool built in your backyard or in the middle of your mansion (depending on who you are) is exciting. But this excitement can be cut short if the pool is not built according to the right standards. So it’s important that your pool building company is good at what it does.

Not sure how to identify a shady pool building company? Here are 7 warning signs to make your job easier.

1. It Doesn’t Have a Solid Portfolio

Portfolio is the first thing you need to see when dealing with a swimming pool builder. If your pool company doesn’t have a solid portfolio of customers, stay away from it.

Building a swimming pool is a time taking exercise that often involves significant costs. You don’t want to risk your money to a company that doesn’t have big names to prove its credibility.

2. It Hesitates in Sharing Past Customer Information

Any company that hesitates in sharing contact information of its past customers has something to hide from you. If a company provides high quality services to all its customers, then each one of them should become its most vocal advocates.

If that’s not the case with your pool builder, it’s better to find someone more reliable.

3. Its Only USP is Price

Staying within your budget is important but that should primarily be your concern, not your contractor’s. If a company focuses too much on its low price offers, then there’s something definitely wrong with their services.

Whenever dealing with such companies just remember this saying “If you think the cost of hiring a professional is too high, then wait till you find the cost of hiring an amateur.”

4. It Doesn’t Take Safety Seriously

Swimming pools come with certain safety risks, especially if you have infants or young children in your family who don’t know how to swim. Professional companies take security very seriously and offer advice on maintaining it. Like advising against diving boards.

If your swimming pool contractor is not doing that, it’s better to avoid them.

5. It Tries To Change Your Requirements

Professional companies proactively advise customers on what is best for them and give recommendations based on their expertise. But ultimately, it’s the customer’s requirements and demands that need to be fulfilled.

If a company insists on their recommendations, they probably aren’t skilled enough to meet your specific requirements – avoid them!

6. It Creates an Overly Conservative Contract

Contracts are meant to protect all the parties involved. Still, professional companies are quite generous in handing out additional benefits and leverages to the customers in their contract.

Amateurs, on the other hand, focus on securing themselves even at the cost of their customers.

7. It Doesn’t Provide After Sales Support

Getting a swimming pool built is only one part of the equation. You would also need regular maintenance and support from your contractor to make sure your pool remains in the best shape.

If the swimming pool building company you’re dealing with doesn’t provide after sales support, they’re not really a professional company – stay away from them.

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