7 Shortcuts to Finding the Right Pool Contractor

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Finding the right contractor to build a swimming pool is not easy these days, especially since there are so many companies on the internet claiming to be professional swimming pool builders.

However, with a little research and ground work you can quickly filter through all the dodgy companies and find the right swimming pool builder for your needs.

Here are a few tips to make your job easier.

1. Check Their Credibility Online

The first thing to check, when dealing with a pool builder, is their credibility online. Take a detailed look at their website and social media profiles. Ideally, their website should be well designed and regularly updated.

An active blog is also a good indication of a company’s reliability and connection with its clients.

2. Review Their Portfolio

Company portfolio is an obvious credibility indicator and should give you a very good idea of the real standing of a company. If you find reliable names on the company’s list of customers, you can deal with them confidently.

3. Ask For References

When you get in touch with a swimming pool building company, ask them to share contact details of past customer. Shady companies would make lame excuses (eg. confidentiality etc.) for not sharing customer information.

The professional ones, however, would gladly share their best references.

4. Review The Contract Closely

Contracts can prove to be critical in long term deals. Make sure you read all the points and conditions in your contract closely. The contract is meant to protect all the parties involved. So make sure it secures your rights as a swimming pool owner.

5. Ask For Guarantees

Building a swimming pool involves a lot of hassle and costs. You cannot change it overnight if you find something wrong with it in future. So you need to have performance guarantees from the builder.

They need to be sure of what they’re selling to you and must take ownership of their product. This also includes after sales service guarantees.

6. Look For The Right Price

While finding the most reliable and high standard swimming pool builders is important, you also need to keep an eye on your budget. Swimming pool builders come in all forms (from insanely expensive to unbelievably cheap).

Try to hit the middle ground, since that’s usually an indication of a reliable swimming pool builder.

7. Ask For Relevant Certifications

Every industry has certain standards and benchmarks that are regulated and maintained through different certifications. Your swimming pool building company needs to have relevant certifications in swimming pool construction and maintenance.

For example, the National Spa & Pool Institute trains and tests swimming pool technicians, and declares them Certified Service Professionals upon the successful completion of those tests. Your contractor should have CSP’s in its staff.

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