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Mark Sidway

Deck Builder / Contractor in San Diego CA

Hi I'm Mark Sidway. Let me get this out of the way—nothing gets my motor running like a AAA-quality swimming pool. Way back when I was a kid, I thought it was so silly that swimming pools only seemed to come in two shapes—rectangles and ovals.

Sure, if you're just trying to swim a few laps, that's all you need. But do you really want a big, ugly concrete box sitting in your yard? Of course not. Once your pool is built, it will continue to dominate your backyard landscape until the end of time—if it doesn't look great, you're going to feel a pang of dread every time you look out the window. A huge investment like this has no room for error.

That, my friend, is why I started California Poolside.

Over the last 15 years, I've put together the best team of passionate pool maniacs on the planet. We're dreamers, but we're also doers. And we really, really love pools. California Poolside eliminates all the most pressing issues plaguing today's pool builders—high cost, low value, shoddy craftsmanship, uninspired design...you get the idea. To be honest, that's exactly why our customers love us—some even call us 'Pool Magicians.'

But you don't need a magic wand and a top hat to wish your dream pool into reality. Our pools are 100% real, and soon yours can be too. So give us a call, stop fantasizing about that new pool, and let's start making magic.

Concerned about the California drought? Pools actually SAVE water over grass!

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Kevin Burns

Oceanside California

“Our last attempt at choosing a pool designer was a disaster. The design team and I constantly butted heads, and nothing got done. California Poolside worked WITH me, and the end result was a pool even my picky tastes couldn't have dreamt up. Well done."

Melissa Swasey

San Diego California

“Oh my goshhhhhh, this pool is amazing! We've used it literally EVERY day for the past 2 months. It's basically our living room, kitchen and playground all in one! You guys are the best! Thank you Mark Sidway and California Poolside for the amazing pool!"

Mitch Miller

La Jolla California

“Man, at first I didn't think someone could be obsessed with pools. Then I met you guys. You all are the biggest bunch of madmen (and women) I've worked with, and I mean that in the best way possible. Incredible, incredible job.”

Why You'll California Deck builders in San Diego

san diego decks

Amazing Designs.

Deck design is the absolute most important part of the process, yet most builders just don't get it right. Just about anybody can nail a few boards together. But you have a vision for how your deck should turn out, and it's our job to bring that dream to life. We'll work closely with you—using detailed renderings and sketches—to show you exactly how to build the most amazing deck for your home, budget, and life.

Amazing Construction.

We don't take a cookie-cutter approach with any of our clients' decks—otherwise we'd end up with mediocre decks and unhappy clients. We take pride in the lost art of craftsmanship. Ultimately, a deck that's nice to look at isn't necessarily a deck that will stand up to the test of time. Our decks offer the best of both worlds—amazing design and sturdy, reliable construction.

san diego decks
san diego decks

Amazing Experience.

Most contractors like to cut corners. They spend a bare minimum amount of time planning your deck, use low-quality materials and unskilled builders, and exclude you from your own deck's design process. That's bad, and that's not how we work. Our warm, friendly team of designers and builders has one mission—sculpting your dream deck. And we can't wait to get started.

Your San Diego Deck Building Questions: Answered

How much does it cost!?
pool builder in San Diego

There are a ton of factors that affect price for each project. However, you can rest assured you'll be getting a very competitive bid for your pool. We encourage our customers to shop around to see for themselves.

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How long does it take?
pool contractor in San Diego

As long as it takes.

The bottom line is that we want to build something that we can both be proud of. We work surprisingly fast, but different projects will take different amounts of time depending on its size and scope.

That said, we've completed projects in as little as a few weeks. After we come up with our the final design we always map out the construction process, which will give you a very solid idea on the time frame we're working with.

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How do I find the right pool builder for me?
pool builders

Finding the right contractor to build a swimming pool is not easy. However, with a little research and ground work you can quickly filter through all the dodgy companies and find the right swimming pool builder for your needs. Here are a few critical things you need to check out before you invest:

  • Check Their Credibility Online
  • Review Their Portfolio
  • Ask For References
  • Review The Contract Closely
  • Ask For Guarantees
  • Look For The Right Price
  • Ask For Relevant Certifications
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What's the design process like?
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Designing a pool in your backyard can be a fun adventure with the right company, and a chore with the wrong company. Since a major home improvement like this can cost as much as a brand-new BMW, it’s essential to do it right.

That's why we put so much effort and energy into the design process. We're going to sit down with you several times and get to work designing the perfect pool for your family, yard, and budget. We make sure all your bases are covered, right from the start.

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