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Mark Sidway

Pool Builder / Contractor in Huntington Beach CA

Hi I'm Mark Sidway, and I'm a little obsessed with swimming pools. Way back when, I was just a little kid with a big dream—building swimming pools that actually looked cool, fun, relaxing, even BEAUTIFUL. I knew we could do better than the typical ovals and rectangles that used to dot every backyard in Huntington Beach.

Sure, some people just want to cool off on a stifling afternoon. Water is water, right? But if you've ever seen an ugly, boring pool, you know that it totally ruins the look and feel of your back yard. On the other hand, a beautiful pool makes you happy to wake up every morning—and even happier when you get home after work.

That's exactly how California Poolside got started.

For 15 years now, my team of pool mavericks and I have been designing and building some of the most incredible pools in Huntington Beach. California Poolside's goal is to free our customers of the hassles associated with other pool contractors—exorbitant costs, lame design philosophy, poor craftsmanship, and not smiling enough. Our customers love working with us, and we LOVE our customers.

You have big ideas for your pool, and you don't need to settle. Stop fantasizing about your new pool and let's get to work! Give us a call right away—your dream pool is within reach.

Concerned about the California drought? Pools actually SAVE water over grass!

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Kevin Burns

Huntington Beach California

“We worked with a pool company at our last house and those guys were just plain RUDE! Cigarette butts everywhere, trash in the yard...yuck. Anyway, California Poolside was amazing! It was like inviting a bunch of friends over to work on our pool. Thank you!"

Melissa Swasey

Huntington Beach California

“We'd been putting off building a pool for 2 years because we just couldn't find the right contractor. Every mock-up for our designs looked bad. California Poolside totally nailed our design on the first shot, and the pool completely lived up to our expectations."

Mitch Miller

Huntington Beach California

“I was really tired of pool builders telling me I'd have to 'scale back' my expectations. That just means you don't know what you're doing! California Poolside made a masterpiece in my yard, and my family couldn't be happier. We use our pool all the time!”

Why You'll California Pool builders in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach pool builder

Amazing Designs.

Without fantastic design, your pool dreams will never become reality. Your expectations won't fit in a boring concrete hole in the ground, and neither can our passion for breathtaking design. Through our consultations—where you'll tell us everything we need to know about your dream pool—we'll create renderings and sketches to show you EXACTLY what kind of pool is possible for your home.

Amazing Construction.

Time to get building. Design in hand, our expert builders will get to work—digging, cement, lights, pumps, patio, everything pool-related you could possibly think of. Oh, and build quality? We've got your craftsmanship right here. Your pool is gonna look great. It's gonna work like a charm. And it's gonna last for years and years.

Huntington Beach pools
Huntington Beach pool contractors

Amazing Experience.

Want to know how one customer described other pool contractors? “A mile wide, an inch deep.” We stole that line from her because it's completely true. When you choose a disreputable pool builder you get empty promises. You get missed deadlines. Your expectations will drop lower and lower every day. Work with us if you want friendly, honest pool people. We build dream pools. Is yours next?

Your Huntington Beach Pool Building Questions: Answered

How much does it cost!?
pool builder in San Diego

There are a ton of factors that affect price for each project. However, you can rest assured you'll be getting a very competitive bid for your pool. We encourage our customers to shop around to see for themselves.

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How long does it take?
pool contractor in San Diego

As long as it takes.

The bottom line is that we want to build something that we can both be proud of. We work surprisingly fast, but different projects will take different amounts of time depending on its size and scope.

That said, we've completed projects in as little as a few weeks. After we come up with our the final design we always map out the construction process, which will give you a very solid idea on the time frame we're working with.

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How do I find the right pool builder for me?
pool builders

Finding the right contractor to build a swimming pool is not easy. However, with a little research and ground work you can quickly filter through all the dodgy companies and find the right swimming pool builder for your needs. Here are a few critical things you need to check out before you invest:

  • Check Their Credibility Online
  • Review Their Portfolio
  • Ask For References
  • Review The Contract Closely
  • Ask For Guarantees
  • Look For The Right Price
  • Ask For Relevant Certifications
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What's the design process like?
pool contractors

Designing a pool in your backyard can be a fun adventure with the right company, and a chore with the wrong company. Since a major home improvement like this can cost as much as a brand-new BMW, it’s essential to do it right.

That's why we put so much effort and energy into the design process. We're going to sit down with you several times and get to work designing the perfect pool for your family, yard, and budget. We make sure all your bases are covered, right from the start.

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